Food and Alcohol Safety Classes is expanding its Affiliate Instructor program, and is looking for food safety instructors who are certified to instruct and/or proctor one or more of the five ANSI accredited Food Protection Manager Exams. We also market to and for Safe Alcohol, Food Handler, and Allergens. Currently, we have affiliates in thirty plus states, and are looking to expand to all fifty states.

Our teaching paradigm is unique yet simple. We offer students home study products, including our own course manual, power point, temperature flash cards, multiple choice exam guide, practice exams and industry online courses. These teaching tools are offered with an optional instructor review session, prior to proctoring the exam.

Food and alcohol Safety classes, a division of the Integrated Food Service Consulting Group is responsible for marketing these services nationwide. We do this via maintaining a first class website, SEO, direct mail, social media and networking with the industry.

FnaSafety maintains a stellar ten year reputation with instructors and proctors nationwide. There are no contracts to sign, no monies invested at anytime by instructors and no non-compete clauses.

This program is a perfect fit for instructors who;
Work a full time job and are looking to supplement their income.
Those who already own a food safety business and are looking for an additional revenue streams.
Those instructors who are retired and want part time work.

The program also offers affiliates the opportunity to participate in instructing private class clients. These are the more traditional one day class, followed by the proctored exam. Recent clients have included well known businesses like; Amazon Online Food Distribution Center in Dallas, Starbucks Seattle Headquarters, Honda Center in Anaheim, Murphy Oil Company, Barnes and Noble, just to name a few.

Our offered packages and products can be found on our website; Instructor/proctor compensation runs from $100.00 – $130.00 per session per student and can be as high as $390.00 (sessions run from 1-3 hours, average 1 hr 45 minutes). Private class compensation starts at $600.00

For more information please contact Michael P. at (888)-510-0404