Integrated Food Service Consulting

Mission Statement:“Creative Solutions for Sustainable Results”, is not just a tag line, it is a business philosophy that we strive to achieve for each and every one of our clients. The hospitality industry faces more challenging obstacles today than ever before, especially for the independent operator. No longer can issues, problems or situations be viewed from just one or two perspectives. Operations must focus on the total picture and scrutinize using an integrated view. At IFSC we harness the power of our professional network to solve problems that not only succeed but enhance an existing operation or new venture.

Areas of Expertise

Concept Development and Review; whether you are planning a new concept or experiencing problems with a current concept our approach includes a total analysis of market trends, market geography, competitive factors, supplier availability, interior and exterior design, financial projections, menu planning and staffing requirements.

Menu Analysis; Probably the most important aspect of any food service operation, and not just from the customer’s perspective. Are you trying to put a square peg in to a round hole? Do you have the right equipment, is it being utilized properly? To many items can create waste and backups in service, customers can take to long to order, or they cannot find enough of a choice. The menu is the backbone of any operation and must be viewed with a keen eye. Our years of experience can navigate these dangerous pitfalls and will let you get started on the right foot or bring you back onto the right path.

Layout and Design Services: Space equals dollars, and if you are not maximizing your space you are losing money. Our team of experts will develop an integrated plan that considers all aspects of a project. From basic CAD services to project management.

Equipment and Supplies: Our goal at IFSC is to stay on top of market trends and equipment changes, offering the best products to our clients at competitive prices. We have a network of manufacturers and distributors to satisfy your every need.

We welcome projects of any size and/or scope. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular project.