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We here at FNA Safety know how important it is for you and your establishment to be certified as food handlers, and certified food handler managers. For that reason New York ServSafe Classes provides the best preparation for the aforementioned exams. We are the premier providers of food safety training in The Empire State and we are proud to offer solutions to meet any Servsafe training needed. Whether you’re an employee seeking your Food Handler Card, or any operation seeking a complaint solution for your employees in NY, the National Restaurant Association’s New York ServSafe classes offered by FNA safety has a product that is right for you. ServSafe Classes are available by us in formats that are tailored to your learning environment.
We value your business and work tirelessly to exceed your expectations. We offer the highest quality training experience, we provide:

A high level of food safety knowledge for you and the workplace
Prepare you well to pass the food safety certification exam.

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The following options are why FNA safety is the best choice:
Certified ServSafe Provider
English/Chinese/Spanish Classes offered
Classes in over a dozen states

When you hear the name FNA Safety, the words professional, reliable, and responsible come to mind. For New York ServSafe Classes we are the #1 company and will continue to be for years to come. With Classes in over 10 states and classes in English, Chinese, and Spanish the language barrier will no longer prevent you from being certified. Food Safety is our business, let us teach you.

As leaders in this industry, a New York ServSafe class has the name FNA Safety Written all over it. We want our customers to know we care about doing things right. We hire the most qualified instructors and offer classes at the most affordable rates. For that reason is why both our instructors and our clients know, FNA Safety’s New York ServSafe Classes are the right way to go. Remember, at FNA Safety we don’t just give you empty promises, we give you our word.

Understand the issues that could affect your establishment’s food safety with New York ServSafe classes. Learn the basics of food safety practices to ensure that foodborne illness are never a result of your food. By taking these New York ServSafe classes, your establishment can show your determination in providing safe food through the handling and preparation operations you learn.

Get the training you need with New York Servsafe Classes from Food and Alcohol Safety Classes. These classes provide National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation certified instructors that teach the standards and guidelines of both the FDA and the NRA.

Required by most restaurants as a basic credential for management staff, Servsafe Classes teach the latest food code, food safety research, and food sanitation training experience in order to protect customer health, and preserve business reputation. Each student is taught to create a culture of safety within their establishment to better meet customer desires.

FNA Safety’s New York ServSafe Classes briefly explains in this short video the proper way to wash your hands when handling food.