Proctoring Glossary

Acronym for Food Protection Managers Certification, some states refer to it as the;  Food Manager Certification, Qualified Food Operator or other similar names

An individual who has had special training and has taken a commitment to administer and oversee an exam. They are required to be in the same room as the examinee at all times during the exam. Proctors are enumerated for their service. The proctor is an alternative to a testing center and generally cost more.

A document containing information that the holder has purchased the right to sit and take an online exam. Many instructors or proctors include this in their overall pricing. Since instructors and proctors can purchase these vouchers at wholesale cost, examinees cannot expect a full refund on a voucher they purchased.

Just the exam portion for becoming certified, has nothing to do with how someone prepares to take an exam, ie: online course, live class, or home study. The exam is taken on an electronic device such as a laptop, tablet, I-phone, etc.

Generally used in live classroom settings, the exam is a computer generated document that gets scored by a computer back at the corporate headquarters of the exam entity. The exam questions come in a booklet format which usually requires up to two weeks to arrive.

Separate from the online exam, the online course is an internet based delivery system of the course material usually associated with a textbook version. There are a number of online courses that are not associated with a textbook and are considered to be very good.

The Council for Food Protection is a national oversight committee, endorsed by the federal government to maintain the standards for the “Food Protection Managers Certification”. The Council engages the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to make sure that those exams that are accredited meet all of the necessary criteria. There are currently four exams that have this accreditation; Learn2Serve, Prometric, National Registry of Food Safety Professionals and ServSafe.

Locations throughout the country that are certified to administer exams for different industries. All of the accredited exams with the exception of ServSafe use these testing centers to administer and oversee their respective exams. ServSafe requires that only a live certified ServSafe proctor administer their exam. This is why the ServSafe exam cost more than the others.

Proctoring is not something that is easily comprehended. More the reason to purchase product and or proctoring services from an independent reputable food safety training company like FnaSafety.