About Us

Our approved home study, instructor review and proctored exam program lets you choose how, when & where you get certified. The carefully crafted curriculum, combined with industry expert instructors and proctors allows you to decide, how much time you allocate to preparation, and where and when you will take your exam.

We are located in over 35 states with more than 500 monthly scheduled sessions to choose from. If you do not see a time and day suited for you, call us, we will help you customize the best time and day of the week.
Need to ask the instructor a question? Our seven day a week email, and/or call center is available at no extra charge.

Food and Alcohol Safety Classes celebrating its 10th anniversary in business is a nationally independent vendor of ServSafe and The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. We offer a premium service that makes the Food Protection Managers Certification process easier to obtain through maintaining the highest standards for training, and insuring the integrity of the examination process.

There are other ways you can get certified. Find a class that is within a normal driving distance and is priced fairly. Be confined to that class’s date and time. Then worry that the class does not get cancelled for lack of enrollment. Their no refund policy means you have to wait until the next class comes around usually one or two months later. How do we know this? Well, we used to sell this. Now our sessions for instruction and/or proctoring are limited to three people and are never cancelled due to lack of enrollment.

We are an affiliation of instructors who are in business for themselves, so they take their responsibility very seriously. An in house study showed that our system of home study combined with instructor review and including the required proctoring has a higher passing rate then all of the other offerings available.

If you want to use just an online course combined with a proctored exam, FnaSafety has the best package deals available. We also offer traditional one day class with exam for private groups only. Still not convinced, that Food and Alcohol Safety Classes is the right choice for you or your business? Then call me, and we can chat about it.

Thank you,
Michael P.
President FnaSafety